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Courgette fritters stacked on a plate in a tower with spring onions and cucumber lying around

Courgette Fritters

I have been making these amazing courgette fritters on repeat because we have been getting so, so many in our local farmer’s box 🤗. When I was younger – my mum always told me that courgette is tasteless. I always, always strongly disagreed with her. […]

Sesame candied peanuts in different glass jars and bowls with sesame seeds scattered around
Sweet Treats

Sesame Candied Peanuts

Have you ever had Sesame Candied Peanuts? I had not until very recently. A friend of mine was kind enough to share a brand product with me. I absolutely adored them and – truthfully – I could not stop eating them. But… as is always […]

A Rod leading into woods with a lot of fog around

What is Nitric Oxide?

Nitric oxide is a fascinating topic which I trust not a lot of people have heard about. I am here to change this. Prepare to be blown away! What is Nitric Oxide? Let us start with the absolute basics. What is nitric oxide? Nitric oxide […]

Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with bread and butter visible in the background; photographed from above

Garam Masala Omelette

The last time I was in London we went to a really cool, contemporary Indian-style-inspired food chain for breakfast. The dishes are primary from Bombay and are meant to inspire old Iranian coffee shops and the food you get served there. What can I say? […]