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Gluten-free Baked Apple Tiramisu with a spoon in it with further glasses visible in the background
Sweet Treats

Gluten-free Baked Apple Tiramisu

So today, I have a very special dessert for you: Gluten-free Baked Apple Tiramisu. This dessert was served at my dear friend’s wedding a few weeks ago. It was a magical day and evening and the desserts were placed around a bar to top off […]

An ice cone with an orange swirl coming out of it


Today, I wanted to chat with you more about dopamine. This very special neurotransmitter can bring us so much pleasure, but it can also bring us a lot of pain. I was surprised by this research, especially how much our 21st century lifestyles does not […]

Warming Winter Salad in a wooden bowl with wooden salad tongs to the side

Warming Winter Salad

I am fully aware that winter time is not the time where your thoughts are immediately drawn to thinking “let’s eat salad”. Let’s try to change that narrative today with this super warming, delicious, and absolutely divine Warm ingWinter Salad. When I say this warm […]

5 Books that Changed My Health in 2022 on a table in front of a christmas tree
Life Update

5 Books that Changed My Health in 2022

I know the title of a post “5 Books that Changed My Health in 2022” may sound a bit sappy and perhaps you are thinking I am completely exaggerating, but hear me out. Yes, I am a food and lifestyle blogger. But that does not […]

Aubergine tagine on a dark plate photographed from the side

Aubergine Tagine

I saw this Aubergine Tagine inspired on Instagram the other day and decided that I wanted to do a similar version. This recipe is the perfect weekday meal. It practically comes together by itself, is super easy to make, creamy, and delicious. It is also […]

Sauna with lights flashing and a bucket with a ladel in it

The Benefits of Sauna Bathing

The other day, I came across a TikTok, which laid out neatly (and obviously in a short format) the benefits of sauna bathing. I have to admit, I was intrigued. Personally, I love a good sauna but I have to admit that I never thought […]