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The Mind-Body Connection

The Mind-Body Connection. I think by now, most people have heard that it exists. But they may not really know whether it really “works”, nor what it may entail. This post has unintentionally turned into part of a series. In this first one, I will […]

Guten-free Vegetable Frittata in a baking form shown from above

Gluten-free Vegetable Frittata

Well… it was about time for a new brunch recipe on the blog! And an awesome and absolutely delicious one at that 😍. Meet this gluten-free vegetable frittata. Anyone who knows me knows that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day! And on the […]

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Low Histamine Diet

So the other day, I sat together with friends at lunch and they said they follow a low histamine diet. And I thought – interesting. I genuinely have not heard about this one (?!). Now, I do appreciate that it is January and January tends […]

Vegan Penne alla Vodka on a dark plate with a fork stuck into it

Vegan Penne alla Vodka

You guys!! Vegan Penne alla Vodka sauce is a comfort food absolute dream come true!! I could not wait to get this one out fast enough to you because I was simply so excited about it 😍. Also, it has kind of been on repeat […]

Different gluten-free cakes, pancakes, cookies and crackers on one picture combined

My Gluten-free Guide is Out!!

I am so excited to announce that I have created something really, really special for you!! A gluten-free flour guide. You may know that all the recipes on Life & Lemons are completely gluten-free. Why? Because I truly believe that the minute you encounter health […]