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hands being washed under running water

What is Healthwashing?

Two weeks ago, I wrote about why I believe the word superfood is more fiction than fact. Last week, I introduced you to – what I believe – are some true superfoods. The ones that have not been boosted by marketing campaigns and materials. But […]

Vegan Mac and Peas Casserole dish on a serving plate with a fork stuck into it

Vegan Mac and Peas Casserole

This Vegan Mac and Peas Casserole is the perfect comfort food for this time of the year. It tastes like a hug (throw in a blanket as well 😉), comes together super easily and is absolutely divine. The best part? It may not look like […]

Blueberries in a blue bowl and strewn on a grey surface

True Superfoods

So last week we covered whether superfoods were fact or fiction. If you are not caught up, I suggest you go back and read up on this post. There are several foods that have been coined “superfoods” largely by the marketing industry. Whereas those may […]

Easy Fig Jam in a glass with a small wooden spoon resting on it
Sides, Dips and Everything in Between

Easy Fig Jam

September and October are times for me to cook a blast off in the kitchen. I am freezing and cooking so that the last delicious goodness of summer can be preserved to the max. And it into exactly this category falls this awesome, quick, and […]

Blueberries and raspberries on a plate being shone on from behind

Superfoods – Fact or Fiction?

So today’s post is born out of a conversation I had with one of my friends the other day on superfoods. There is so much to say about “superfoods”, and so today, I thought I would give you a bit more insight into the topic. […]