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Vegan Mac and Peas Casserole dish on a serving plate with a fork stuck into it

Vegan Mac and Peas Casserole


This Vegan Mac and Peas Casserole is the perfect comfort food for this time of the year. It tastes like a hug (throw in a blanket as well 😉), comes together super easily and is absolutely divine. The best part? It may not look like it, but there are loads […]

Easy Fig Jam in a glass with a small wooden spoon resting on it
Sides, Dips and Everything in Between

Easy Fig Jam


September and October are times for me to cook a blast off in the kitchen. I am freezing and cooking so that the last delicious goodness of summer can be preserved to the max. And it into exactly this category falls this awesome, quick, and easy fig jam (or as […]

European (Sunday) Breakfast Rolls in a small bread basket lying on a kitchen towel, photographed from the side
Breakfast, Brunch

European (Sunday) Breakfast Rolls


I have lived a long time abroad and hence (with pleasure) adopted the breakfast and brunch “habits” from the countries I lived in. But, I recently spend a bit of time with my sister and they savor and live for European (Sunday) Breakfast Rolls. See in Germany, we tend to […]

Lemon Chia Cookies on a white plate in focus with a lemon tea towel laying next to it
Cakes and Cookies

Lemon Chia Cookies


These Lemon Chia Cookies are such a huge hit in my household! I first created them after I bought a store-bought version (that cost me a heck of a lot of money) and really enjoyed them. I had a look at the ingredient list and thought to myself that I […]

Vegan Tuscan Tuna and White Bean Salad in a small glass jar in focus
Mains, Starter

Vegan Tuscan “Tuna” and White Bean Salad


You guys – this Vegan Tuscan “Tuna” and White Bean Salad is next-level delicious. This recipe is another one that I brought back from my recent travels. I did not know about this dish until we traveled more to the Southern part of Tuscany. There, it is called the “Nicoise” […]