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Tuscan-Style Bread and Tomato Salad (Panzanella) on a wooden board with salad tongs stuck into them

Tuscan-Style Tomato and Bread Salad (Panzanella)


Summer is officially here and I am here for it!! I am thinking of lazy BBQs in the afternoon sun, drinking loads of lemonade (such as my Summer Day Lemonade), and spending time picnicking, preferably with water nearby 😍. For all of those occasions, today’s Tuscan-Style Tomato and Bread Salad […]

Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Dessert Cups with decorated strawberries photographed on a dark background
Sweet Treats

Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Dessert Cups


Ah these Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Dessert Cups 🥰. Strawberries are in full seasonal swing right now and they are so gorgeous, sweet, and decadent. I love a cheesecake but I do not always love making one and spending time in the kitchen with the oven on when the weather is […]

Korean-style Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchi Jeon) stacked on a plate with one bite being taken away by chop sticks

Korean-style Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchi Jeon)


Two weeks ago, I posted a recipe for Delicious Vegan Kimchi. I hinted in that recipe that there may be more to come when it comes to Kimchi 😉. Which brings us to this week’s Korean-style Kimchi Pancakes (Kimchi Jeon). In the savory pancake area, this is possibly one of […]

Easy, Simple Summer Salad on a large plate with a dark background
Quick and Easy

Easy, Simple Summer Salad


I am bringing you one of my go-to easy, simple summer salad this week that you will find yourself making time, and time again 🤩. This beauty is so simple, yet so delicious. It comes together in virtually no time – but darn is a flavor punch!! Want to know […]