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Lemon Blueberry Polenta Bread on a colorful plate with two pieces cut off photographed from above
Cakes and Cookies

Lemon Blueberry Polenta Bread


Writing this blog post – I am currently dreaming of this Lemon Blueberry Polenta Bread… and I may hop into the kitchen and make another one after I finished typing this 😅. Whereas this recipe has been on this page from the first hour of publishing, it did not have […]

Cinnamon Banana French Toast stacked on top of each other topped with blueberries, bananas, and shredded coconut covered in maple syrup

Cinnamon Banana French Toast


It has been at least a couple of weeks since I posted a brunch recipe, so it is definitely time for another one 🤣 ! What can I say, it is my most favorite meal of the day and I want to provide you with loads of options – both […]

Vegan Burrito Bowl photographed from a three-quarter angel with scattered lime and cilantro visible

Vegan Burrito Bowl


It is another week for a scrumptious, super flavorful main dish: This Vegan Burrito Bowl. I got this recipe inspiration when I went to a Mexican restaurant with friends in the summer (back when we – here in Germany – were still allowed to go to restaurants). It is the […]

Five Minute Vegan Egg Scramble on a gluten-free bread with roasted tomatoes and avocado on a dark plate photographed up close
Breakfast, Brunch

Five Minute Vegan Egg Scramble


My excursion into quick and easy recipes totally continues this week with this Five Minute Vegan Egg Scramble. I do not know why, but I currently find great satisfaction in standing in the kitchen for only a few minutes but still getting a delicious and satisfying meal – and that […]

A jar of Chocolate Raspberry Overnight Oats topped with raspberries

Chocolate Raspberry Overnight Oats


By now, you guys probably know that I absolutely love my breakfasts!! On the weekends, there is nothing better than standing in the kitchen at length and preparing delicious brunch options. During the week though, no matter how early I get up – I never appear to have time left. […]