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Stacked Easy Pantry Staple Pancakes with sliced bananas on top

Easy Pantry Staple Banana Pancakes


Wow. Sometimes, life happens. Sometimes you are super organized, planned out, and know your own content schedule for a month in advance. And sometimes… you are sick to the bone, truly bed-ridden and wondering whether you are getting out a recipe at all. Well, let us just say the latter […]

Rustic Mushroom Bruschetta on a wooden chopping board and table photographed from a three-quarter angle with greenery in the background

Rustic Mushroom Bruschetta


This Rustic Mushroom Bruschetta is out of this world🥰🍄. We have just been away in Tuscany for the last couple of weeks and we foraged so many mushrooms whilst we were hiking. We made the most delicious Mushroom Bruschetta and I shot the recipe there. I wanted it to feel […]


Kohlrabi Casserole with Tomatoes and Sage


OK, ok – I am not even going to lie to you. This Kohlrabi Casserole with Tomatoes and Sage sounds weird when you read the list of ingredients. But do not be fooled and trust me on this one! This recipe is super delicious, light, easy, and hits all the […]

Mexican-Inspired Jackfruit Fajitas in a ramekin bowl with a spoon on a marble background shot up close

Mexican-Inspired Jackfruit Fajitas


These Mexican-Inspired Jackfruit Fajitas are such a crowd-pleaser!! It is one of my favorite dishes to make for larger gatherings or when we are having friends over. Once you make them, you will know why 😉. They are easy to make (in advance) and you can double or triple the […]