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Coconut milk rice with mango on a wooden spoon stuck on a dessert glass
Sweet Treats

Coconut Milk Rice with Mango


This Coconut Milk Rice with Mango is excellent at this time of the year. It already feels light and springy due to the mango used. But you can also eat it warm, which is nice for slightly colder evenings still. I served it at a get-together last weekend and everyone […]

Spicy Peanutbutter Noodle Salad on a dark plate with scattered peanuts, scallions, cilantro and lime wedges

Spicy Peanut Butter Noodle Salad


Spring is slowly coming around and with it, we are experiencing a seasonal change of produce. The days are getting longer (hooray!!) and I can see the first asparagus on our markets (albeit I do think it is still a tiny bit too early for that 🧐). With that in […]

Vanilla Coconut Cashew Granola in a oven dish with cashews and coconut strewn around

Vanilla Coconut Cashew Granola


With the change in weather and spring quickly approaching, I can tell that the recipes are changing as well. This is good, of course. We should eat seasonally and when produce is at its freshest and ripest. I can tell that I crave more flavor-variety again this time of the […]

Vegan Smothered Cabbage with Potatoes in a brown bowl photographed on a wooden surface with a wooden spoon visible, photographed from above

Vegan Smothered Cabbage with Potatoes


This Vegan Smothered Cabbage with Potatoes is a recipe that is pretty much on repeat in our household during the wintertime. Why? Well, first of all, it is (of course!!) super delicious. But it is also easy to make, requires a limited list of ingredients, and can be batch-cooked. It […]

Pieces of Apple Crumble Cake on a wooden platter
Cakes and Cookies

Apple Crumble Cake


You guys- this week’s recipe 😍!! It is so delicious, easy, and yummy!! This Apple Crumble Cake is perfect for your Sunday afternoon coffee, enjoyed with friends, and/or quickly put into the oven when you are having visitors over. There are many ways how to create recipes but you usually […]