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Chocolate Beet Smoothie


You guys – this week’s Chocolate Beet Smoothie is a fast-loving, quick, breakfast, or mid-afternoon pick-me-up dream!!! 🥰I shot this recipe in the morning and I was so grateful to be able to basically slurp up the shoot when I was done 😂. It was so, so good.

Chocolate Beet Smoothies in two glasses shot from above

I absolutely adore my long(ish) breakfast on the weekends (also called “Brunch” – I have an entire section on the blog 😉). But not during the week. Here, it needs to be all about the “quick” options that are basically grab-and-go. I still want them to be nourishing, keep me sustained, and continue to power me through the morning. This smoothie ticks all the boxes. Plus my two additional ones ✔️needs to be utterly delicious and ✔️hides some veggies for extra nutrients.

Three glasses with Chocolate Beet Smoothies in a row shot from the front

Why is this Chocolate Beet Smoothie good for you?


I am well aware that beets are not the most popular vegetable in the world. A lot of people feel that the taste is slightly overpowering or too intense. As with all my recipes, the mixture of ingredients is key. It is hard to taste the beetroot in this smoothie, because the notes of chocolate go so well with it and because the mango provides it with some very nice sweetness. Beetroot contains nitrate, a chemical that is converted into nitric oxide in the body and helps with dilating blood vessels. This causes blood pressure to drop for a period of up to six hours after consuming beets. It means that beets can significantly help with your heart health, albeit they need to be consumed on the regular in order to have a lasting effect. The concentration of nitrate also appears to be higher in uncooked beets than in cooked ones.

Cocoa Powder

You guys know that I love all things chocolate 🍫. In fact, if you were to type the word “Chocolate” into the search function, I am fairly confident that there are more recipes with chocolate than anything else there 🙈. But, most people love chocolate as well and I stand by what I have said previously – without all the added sugar and milk that you find in a milk chocolate bar, cocoa and chocolate can be a great addition to your diet 🤗! Cocoa powder is believed to have first been used by the Maya civilization in Central America and was likely brought to Europe through Spanish conquerers. I was lucky enough to witness how cocoa is made in its rawest form when we were in Ecuador, but essentially you crush the beans and then remove the fat (also known as cocoa butter).

Cocoa powder contains flavonols, which are an antioxidant that also contains anti-inflammatory properties. The flavanols found in cocoa are also thought to improve your nitric oxide levels in the blood. We have just covered above what that means, but in essence, this Chocolate Beet Smoothie is a double-whammy for your heart health 😉 . Unfortunately, though, processing and excessive heating can reduce the amount of flavanols in a product.

Hemp seeds and cocoa powder on a grey surface with Chocolate Beet Smoothie in the background

Hemp Seeds

I am not sure whether you have heard of Hemp Seeds before. But oh my god you will not be able to turn back once you have eaten them!! Hemp Seeds are essentially the seeds of the hemp plant. Whereas they are from the same species as marijuana, do not worry they will not make you “high”. These little small seeds have a mild, nutty flavor. They are a nutritional powerhouse, as they contain the perfect omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio and are also a complete protein. Hemp seeds also increase the nitric oxide in your blood. It contains an amino acid called arginine, which then gets converted into nitric oxide. An increased intake of arginine may also lower inflammatory markers in your body. The perfect balancing of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid ratio may also help with skin disorders and clear up eczemas. The effect appears improved though when consuming hemp seed oil, rather than the seeds.

Two Chocolate Beet Smoothies in a glass shot from the front

How can I adjust this Chocolate Beet Smoothie to my dietary requirements?

This recipe is vegetarian and nut-free. It is also vegan and/or paleo depending on the protein powder you are using. A vegan protein powder if you are vegan and a collagen powder if you are paleo.

And there you have it for this week 🤗. Quick and easy, and a perfect smoothie for that period in between summer not fully being over and fall not having started. By the way – if you are not ready to give up on summer yet (from a smoothie perspective) try my Coconut Pineapple Smoothie or my Strawberry Pink Peppercorn Smoothie (you can use mixed berries as well). On the contrary, if you are ready to enter fall – an awesome smoothie would also be my Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.

Chocolate Beet Smoothie

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Prep time



This Chocolate Beet Smoothie is so delicious! It is easy, healthy, vegan, and paleo and optimal for a speedy breakfast.


  • Β½ cup (70 gr.) frozen mango

  • Β½ cup cooked (or baked if you have fresh beets at hand) beetroot (ca. 130 gr.)

  • 3 – 4 ice cubes (water or non-dairy milk)

  • 1 portion 1 chocolate protein powder (use vegan if you are vegan or collagen if paleo)

  • 1 tbsp 1 cocoa powder

  • 2 tbsp 2 hemp seeds

  • ΒΌ tsp cinnamon

  • 1 tsp 1 maple syrup

  • Pinch of salt

  • 1 cup 1 (240 ml.) non-dairy milk of choice

  • Optional: Shot of espresso

How to

  • Mix all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour in glass, top with more hemp seeds and ENJOY!!


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