Food Philosphy

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Wolf

I have struggled with my digestive health through the majority of my childhood, youth and early twenties. It is hilarious because if I ever get an upset tummy now, I realise how almost immediately I feel sluggish and lethargic – not just physically but also mentally. I look back and sometimes wonder how I ever survived being on this constant roller coaster of exhaustion.

Unfortunately, being unwell developed into some unhealthy eating patterns and relationship with food, as well as a constant inflammatory body. I was desperate to feel better – but I simply did not know how to achieve this. In a last ditch attempt, I purchased a program that put me on a whole food diet. I felt an almost immediate shift in my body, well-being and mental state and have since developed a strong interest in nutrition and how it contributes to make us feel and can also have healing properties. It was also the reason that led me to pursue my studies to become a Culinary Nutrition Expert – graduating as the class of 2018.

Does that mean I am – for lack of a better word – “cured“? Absolutely not. There are so many factors that are at play here and can influence our every day wellbeing. Food is one of them, but exercise, sleep and stress can also be huge contributors. What it does mean though is that I have become passionate – about making delicious, healthy recipes that nourish your (and my!) body and allow you to strive. Here are a few things that you can expect from my recipes:

I strongly believe that there is not one diet out there that can be universally applied to everyone. You need to eat and do what is right for you. As we evolve and go through life, dietary choices and lifestyles will also likely adapt and change. Most of the recipes on this blog will be vegetarian and include plenty of fruit and vegetables (never a bad thing in any diet) – mainly because that is the way we cook at home due to my family’s preferences. Where possible, I will include at the bottom of the post options to accommodate a recipe to make it vegan, paleo, or even keto. This will not always be the case but hopefully you will find inspiration and what works for you.

When I was in my teens, I had a bucket list as to what I was looking for in a boyfriend (bear with me on this one). The top one was “Cooking”. Why? Because I did not know how to cook noodles without calling someone to tell me (this was the pre-google era also called the I need to switch my phone line cable into modem, dial in and try to load a page, which will take at least half an hour… good old times!😉). It took me a long time to learn how to cook so that it also tasted remotely palatable. When I was just starting out there were tons of recipes where fancy words were being used to describe a process that meant very little or nothing to me and often-times left me feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. I aim to write my recipes in simple language and where necessary, I will include pictures of process steps so that everyone can follow along – even people who are just starting out. Oh also – I love cooking but I do not like to spend hours in the kitchen. Most of my recipes are quick to make and I usually write my instructions so that you can work in parallel to the cooking process going on.

As said above – no labels on this blog. It is meant to be a judgment-free place where you can come, enjoy, and hopefully find inspiration and delicious recipes for your own kitchen! There are two things that you will not find here though: Refined sugar in recipes, and gluten. To keep it simple in this context, both of these can negatively impact your health, especially if your digestive tract is already compromised. Do not worry though – the recipes are still 100% delicious!

Happy cooking! ☺️