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Blueberries in a blue bowl and strewn on a grey surface

The Science behind Antioxidants

In this blog post, I want to dive more deeply into what exactly the science behind antioxidants is. This is a topic that I always talk about in connection with the recipes. A lot of whole foods (which primarily make up the recipes on Life […]

Red Thai Curry Pumpkin Soup in a soup bowl with a kitchen towel underneath and pumpkins, pumpkin seeds and a ladle visible in the background

Red Thai Curry Pumpkin Soup

Sometimes, you just need something quick, cozy, and comforting. This Red Thai Curry Pumpkin Soup represents that kind of dish for me. You can make it in roughly half an hour and it will feed you well for days to come 🎃🥰. Every fall, I […]

Chocolate Orange Granola strewn on a marble background

Chocolate Orange Granola

Chocolate and orange are flavors that work particularly well together, especially in the run-up to Christmas. I know we are still a tad away… but I am presuming it will come sooner than anticipated 😉. And so today, I wanted to bring you this awesome […]


How to establish a good Sleeping Routine

Sleep is such an important factor and a fundamental pillar of our wellbeing. Your body and immune system need rest in order to restore and repair muscles, organs, and other cells. Lack of sleep can also make you susceptible to getting sick quicker. When you […]