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Vegan Mushroom Risotto on a plate with a spoon lying on the side, photographed from above

Vegan Mushroom Risotto

This vegan mushroom risotto is one of the best risottos I had in a very long time!! I absolutely adore mushrooms for their health benefits and medicinal properties, and there is nothing better than combining delicious mushrooms with a creamy risotto rice. Sincerely, a match […]

A woman closing her eyes with her hair in her face

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin. It is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit lately. I have to admit that my knowledge on it is limited. But I saw some exciting new research coming out in relation to melatonin and I thought I would dive into the […]

Gluten-free Apple Pie on a baking rack with apples lying around
Cakes and Cookies

Gluten-free Apple Pie

Ah – fall season. There is nothing better than these warm, golden days. The leaves turning all kinds of bright orange, yellow, and red. And apples 😍. Apples are so delicious – crunchy, sweet or slightly sour, juicy, and they go with all kinds of […]

A plastic heart on display

Why Do We Develop High Blood Pressure?

What does it mean to have high blood pressure and why do we develop high blood pressure in the first place? High blood pressure is discussed in a lot of circumstances and may also come up in conversations with your own doctor. It is also […]

Vegan French Onion soup in a bowl with a spoon stuck into it

Vegan French Onion Soup

The other day, I had a really strong craving for something super comforting, yet easy to make. I also did not have a lot of food left in my house. So, I created this Vegan French Onion Soup. My god – this one hit the […]

Sardinia beach photographed from above

What are Blue Zones?

Blue zones. They are a so-called “hot-topic” into today’s research society. Especially when we think about how people live, age, and the potential secret to living well even when high in age. Intrigued? Let’s dive in and let me tell you a bit more about […]