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Cooling Cucumber Soup on a dark plate with drizzled olive oil on top as well as some basil garnish with a spoon stuck into it
Quick and Easy

Cooling Cucumber Soup

I do not know about you – but it has been blatantly hot here lately and with that my wish to cook anything (let alone spend an extended time in the kitchen) goes out the window. We will see what I will post in terms […]

The Easiest Yummy Chickpea Salad photographed from above on a plate with cutlery lying off to the side
Quick and Easy

Easiest Yummy Chickpea Salad

This Easiest Yummy Chickpea Salad will change your summer salad routine for the good 😍. I ate this salad in a canteen and it was so good, I immediately knew that I had to re-create it 🙌🏻. You will not be disappointed by this delicious […]

Sticky Mushroom Walnut Tacos on a wooden chopping board with avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, tacco shells, and a dipping sauce

Sticky Mushroom Walnut Tacos

You guys!! These Sticky Mushroom Walnut Tacos are next-level delicious! I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the final recipe and how it turned out 😍. This recipe has texture, umami flavors, meat-like consistency from the mushrooms and provides the perfect base for […]

Red popsicle, slightly melting into the background

Why Blood Sugar Balance Is Important

Today we are touching on a topic that is super important to me personally. But allow this blog post to convince you that you will also deem it important to your life 😉. We are talking about why blood sugar balance is important. There is […]