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Fall Harvest Pumpkin Soup in a bowl with some yogurt on it, photographed from the side

Fall Harvest Pumpkin Soup

Fall is in the air 🍂🍁. And with it are coming blue skies, beautiful fall foliage, crisp, clear air, and cozy nights. Cozy nights also call for cozy dinners – so we are bringing back all the fall flavors and beautiful fall produce. Think root […]

A man laying on the back receiving physiotherapie

Nutrition for Recovery From Injury

You guys know how much I advocate for exercise. I have written at length about it in my post Why Exercise is Important. Exercise – next to its physical benefits – also has amazing mental health benefits. But what happens when suddenly you cannot exercise […]

Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles on a plate with ice cubes and one visibly being bitten into, photographed from above
Sweet Treats

Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles

Before the fig season comes to an end completely, I wanted to delight with one more delicious recipe – these honey roasted fig popsicles. It has been incredibly hot for a very long time and in a lot of parts of the world, it continues […]

A jar of pickled onions on a wooden board with some flowers in the background

Top Tips for Preserving Foods

It is fall season here in Northern Europe with us heading into winter only all too quickly. One of my favorite things to do this time of the year is preserving food. Preserving, really, is an age-old tradition that allowed many generations of humans to […]