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Picnic draped in a green field with the sun setting in the background

10 Easy Picnic Food Ideas

We are back to a bit of a more “practical” post this week, but a good one 😉. I am sharing my 10 easy picnic food ideas for a fab day out. Whether it is an actual picnic you are attending / organizing, heading to […]

Garlicky Smashed White Beans on Toast with mushrooms and chopped parsley on top on a plate and some lemon wedges to the side
Breakfast, Brunch

Garlicky Smashed White Beans on Toast

This recipe is a “follow-up” from my Garlicky Smashed Peas on Toast recipe. It is equally delicious, super easy to make, and absolutely nourishing – filled with fiber, and protein. We are pairing these Garlicky Smashed White Beans on Toast with deliciously cooked miso mushrooms. […]

Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Cups arranged and stacked upon each other with a pink kitchen towel lying in the front
Sweet Treats

Chocolate Strawberry Yogurt Cups

We have a sweet treat here in Germany, which is yogurt and strawberries (I am sure they are artificial ones), covered in chocolate. The other day on Instagram, I saw someone making a version of this sweet treat. I have to admit that it was […]

A phone with social media apps on it

Social Media and Social Anxiety

If you have been with me for a while, you know that I suffer from anxiety. I have written about this at length and if you are interested, you can read up my journey here. Now, whereas anxiety is not curable as such, I have […]

A glass filled with ice, coffee, and hazelnut coffee creamer in focus with more creamer being off to the side and a straw in the glass
Smoothies, Drinks and Juices

Hazelnut Coffee Creamer

As you likely know (because I talk about it often), I am constantly working on lowering my blood sugar levels. Check out my post about How to Balance Your Blood Sugar Levels here. As part of that process, I have – sadly – learned that […]

Chilaquiles in a black pan with fried eggs on top, and avocado on the side; photographed from above


This dish has truly stolen my heart. I did not know about “chilaquiles” until we went to New York earlier this year. Directly opposite our hotel was a very small, very delicious Mexican eatery, which was serving this for breakfast. I had no idea what […]