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Jackfruit Fajita Salad with scattered cheese and cashews lying around, photographed from above

Jackfruit Fajita Salad

It has been crazy warm and dry for this time of the year here. I am not complaining (albeit I do always worry about the poor plants – they need more water this time around). I have been spending loads of time outside in the […]

High grass in summer time

My Nickel Allergy Journey – Part 1

If you are part of my newsletter community, you know that I share one thing time and time again. If your health does not “feel” right do not stop pursuing answers until you find them. That is the reason why I am sharing with you […]

Rhubarb Carrot Streusel Muffin on a blue plate with more muffins stacked in the background
Cakes and Cookies

Rhubarb Carrot Streusel Muffins

I do not know why, but for whatever reason, I feel obliged to post a carrot-related recipe around Easter time 🤣. Perhaps it is the association with bunnies that makes carrots so popular this time of the year?! But then, they should always be popular […]

Feet looking out of a pink duvet

Sleep and Stress

So after covering why sleep is important and the link between sleep and nutrition this final week in this series focuses on the linkage between sleep and stress. Lets’ dive in. What do I mean with “Stress”? In short, stress is a state of the […]

Five Ingredient Peanut Butter Cup sprinkled with sea salt on top surrounded by other peanut butter cups
Sweet Treats

Five Ingredient Peanut Butter Cups

One of my colleagues recently traveled to the States and brought back peanut butter cups from a rather famous brand… You may have heard or seen them before 😉. I used to love those when I lived in New Jersey. They were my absolute favorite. […]

A messy bed with a coffee standing in the middle

Sleep and Nutrition

Last week, we covered why sleep is important. If you have not read that one, I urge you to go back and read it prior to this one – it is a goody and this post also largely builds on the previous one. This week, […]