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Nickel Allergy

UPDATE: What’s In My Nickel-Free Make Up Bag


This is one of the most requested and beloved posts on the blog: What’s in my nickel-free make up bag. Quite ironic, given that this is mainly a food and recipe blog above everything else. But I presume more and more people are struggling with either having difficulty and reactions to make up and/or have been diagnosed with challenges similar to my own and, therefore, are in dire need of the answers I was looking for originally too. So, today I wanted to provide you with an UPDATE: What’s in my nickel-free make up bag.

If you want to lean more about my nickel allergy journey

First off, if you want to read my (very vulnerable) nickel-allergy journey you can do so here:

So, why an update to this post? Well, I also like to experience with new products from time to time. There are some things I have not been so convinced on, and others that I truly have. Let me spare you the money, and provide you with an update on some of the things I have bought. Note: None of the recommendations or things that I said in the other post are untrue or products I am no longer using, this is simply an addition on these.

Blush and powder brush in focus

None of the products shown below are sponsored. I bought them all with my own money and I use them as part of my make-up routine. I have linked the products for your reference. Again none of these links are affiliates (meaning I do not receive a commission should you click on it). Also, for transparency, I am fairly light-skinned and am more on the dry-skin side.

UPDATE: What’s In My Nickel-Free Make Up Bag

Face – Powders

I have found a powder that just gives a bit of glimmer and is the perfect shade for summer. This is from BioNike and in the color “202 Soleil“. In the winter time, this color should be perfect for contouring. After my other setting powder was empty, I bought the 100% Pure Bamboo Blur Powder, which is fantastic! Super light weight, blends really well and does what it is meant to. Setting 😉.

Face – Foundation

Liquid Mineral Foundation from IDUN Minerals for an UPDATE: What's In My Nickel-Free Make Up Bag

I have dabbed more into the IDUN Minerals products and NORRSKEN Pure Mineral Illuminating Foundation. I have the color “206 Freja“. I would presume that it is a bit light for the summer time, but it blends really well and also covers well.

Face – Highlighter

Luminating Creme as a highlighter

I bought this 100% Pure “Northern Light” Cream Highlighter. It is nice and illuminates well but it is a bit too tricky to apply for my liking. This one is nearing its end and I think I will look into buying another option afterwards.

Eyes – Eyeshadow

I have bought a few eye shadows from Idun Minerals now and I have to say I absolutely LOVE them! I am not a huge eye shadow wearer, but when I do I want color and long-lasting finish. There is nothing worse than a day out and your eye shadow has completely crumbled into your crease (which, let’s face it – happens with most eye shadows). Well, not with these ones! They are super long-lasting and I have worn them on multiple ocasions that included a lot of sweating and they LASTED. I have the “Brunkulla” and the “Fjällsippa 107“, which actually could also double as a highlighter.

Eyes – Mascara

I know I have raved about this one from 100% Pure and I am still a BIG fan of it. But, unfortunately it was sold out and mine had run out, so I bought the Idun Minerals “MAGNA Water Magic“. I have to admit it looks a little bit clumsy the first few minutes when put on and I am not a fan of the super long brush. But once it “locks” into place (not sure how else to say this) it is beautiful and there is no smearing whatsoever. Yet, at the end of the day you can simply remove it with some coconut oil and water.

Eyes – Brows

Brow lifting gel from 100% Pure showcasing the wand

Because I did not get an individual picture of this the last time, here we go. I am not a huge brow person so there is probably a lot more you could do in this department but this Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder does the job just fine for me. Think Benefit brow building – you are in that category of glorious.


Tinted Lip Elixir from IDUN Minerals for UPDATE: What's In My Nickel-Free Make Up Bag

I still love all of the 100% Pure Lipsticks I mentioned in my last post, and I receive so many compliments when wearing them. But if you are looking more for a subtle, lip oil look then these ones from IDUN Minerals are fantastic. I have the color “Syren Mauve Pink” and it provides a very subtle hint.

And that is my small update as to what is in my nickel-free make up bag and what additional products you can find in there. Mostly, I have come to learn that IDUN Minerals is also a really great option. I like the quality, and the price point. Even though they are less obvious with their claims about nickel, these products are worth a look into.

Have you dabbed into nickel-free make up options and have you found any other ones than the one mentioned? Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you!


  1. Wow! I felt like I was reading my own story! It’s nice to know I’m not alone in this eyelid dermatitis & nickel allergy journey.

    I’m just wondering if switching all your cosmetics to the nickel free brands led to an improvement with your eyelid dermatitis / reaction. My eyes look almost identical to yours and I just found out I have a nickel allergy. I tested my jewelry and it did not come back positive for nickel so I’m thinking it must be my eye makeup or glasses. I’m thinking of trying these brands but wanted to see if they helped you first before dropping the $$. Thanks!!

    • Ann Robejsek

      Cait – first off, thank you for your kind words. It is comments like this that make me want to continue being on this journey and I cannot tell you how much that means to me.

      Secondly, I am so sorry you have to go through this. Yes, I can use the make up without having a reaction. I make sure that neither in my make up nor in my regular skin care are there any iron oxides. But – I did let it heal off first. My dermatologist at the time prescribed this really allergy friendly cream from La Roche Posay and also, I do not use make up every day. If I wear it three days in a row, I can tell my skin becomes irritated in the evenings around the eyes, but that is usually gone in the morning. When I work from home, I tend to not wear make up and when I am in the office I do, which works out to about 3-4 times a week in total (with weekends). So my skin gets a bit of a break, but definitely I am wearing it without having a reaction.

      Perhaps invest in the one or two products you cannot live without, see how that goes and then take it from there? Let me know how it goes and good luck on your journey!! Ann xx

      • Thanks so much for your reply and for your suggestions! I ended up ordering a few things from 100% pure to try. Fingers crossed!! Do you mind sharing the La Roche Posay cream your doctor prescribed? Would love to try it out and see if it helps my flair ups.

        • Ann Robejsek

          Hi Cait – I am crossing my fingers for you too!! Let me know how it goes 🙂 I am honestly not sure which one it was— it was a few years ago and I am now back to regular creams as the flair ups stopped once I eliminated nickel from my cosmetic and make up products. I just looked on their website and there appears to be one for especially sensitive, allergic skin called “TOLERIANE DERMALLERGO CREME” perhaps try that one? All the best xx Ann

          • Thanks so much for the info! Last question!! I see you use a few IDUN Minerals products. It looks like most of their products do have iron oxide. These products don’t cause flare ups for you?

          • Ann Robejsek

            Hi Cait, no. They are not super explicit about this on the website but I just checked their FAQs where they are stating that they are only using the highest forms in minerals, which eliminate nickel (“Highly purified minerals are purified from impurities such as nickel and chromium that can trigger allergic reactions.“). Again, I am having no reaction whatsoever on those, else I would have not recommended them, but of course, everyone is different.

            How are the 100% Pure products working for you? Did you manage to calm the allergy down? Ann x

  2. Claire

    Hi, thank you for this lovely post! I have a genuine question: I visited some of the links you provided in the article but I could not find anywhere “nickel tested product”. Can you tell me where to find more information about them please?
    Personally if I try a product which does not state “nickel tested” I will have a very bad reaction 🙁

    • Ann Robejsek

      Hi Claire,

      Thank you so much for your feedback! On the 100% Pure page, they are stating each ingredient and none of them contain nickel as they are only working with dies from food. On the Idun Minerals page they are stating in their FAQs section that they are only using the highest forms in minerals, which eliminate nickel (“Highly purified minerals are purified from impurities such as nickel and chromium that can trigger allergic reactions.“).

      I hope this helps! Ann xx

  3. Mimi Rachel

    Really benefitted from your posts, thank you. I have found Refy brow tint as a tint that does not use iron oxides; e.l.f. if available where you are has several mascaras without the “774” colorant that I am going to try.

    • Ann Robejsek

      Hi Mimi, thank you for the lovely feedback and I am glad it helped. I did check out e.l.f. you are right the mascaras do contain iron oxides. Some of the make up does so I presume it is a case of checking each individual product. Good luck on your journey! Ann x

  4. Helen Craig

    Hi have you any recommendations on nickel free mascara?

    • Ann Robejsek

      Hi Helen,

      I use IDUN Minerals Mascara and have used the 100% Pure one in the past. Both of them are mentioned in my posts (What’s in my Nickel-free Make Up Bag and the UPDATE version), and work well for me.

      I hope this helps!
      All the best – Ann x

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