Work with me

Ann-Christin Robejsek sitting on the floor looking into the camera for her page work with me

There are several options for how you can work with me and how I can help and support you. Please see below. Also, this list is not exhaustive. If you have a different idea, please get in touch via the Contact Form and we can chat about it 🤗.

Work with me – 1 on 1 Consultation

You would like to work one on one with me? I am a culinary nutrition expert who can help you on your journey to health? Whether you would like to understand more about nutrition or have underlying health conditions that we can address through food. The aim is to find a dietary lifestyle that supports you, as well as your gut and immune system by finding the foods that are right for you. Everything in this program is completely customized and will be tailored towards your individual needs.

Work with me – Menu Creation

You would like to have a few new recipes on your menu or need inspirational ideas in line with potential dietary requirements? I am happy to help you conceptualize and realize a menu plan.

Work with me – Food Photography

You have the recipe but you would like for someone to style, shoot, and edit your pictures? I am happy to support you with that!

Work with me – Recipe Creation

I am happy to create recipes for you. Ideally, they will be in line with thr Food Philosophy I follow on this blog but after creation. All copyrights will lay with you.