Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes with scattered blueberries on top
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Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes


Happy Friday everyone!! I hope you had an awesome week and are ready to start into the weekend… perhaps with these Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes?! 🤗 Breakfast on the weekend is an entirely different game for me than during the week. I like to cook, enjoy sitting down and lounging around the dining table whilst enjoying something delicious.

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes with scattered blueberries on top and lying around on a white background

Enter these little beauties, which not only tick all the boxes of my definition of a weekend breakfast (or brunch) but were even declared by my grandma “delicious”. It is also probably the single most-requested recipe by all of my friends and family when they come to visit us. I hope this provides you with an indication of the deliciousness of the pancakes (😍😉😍).

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes on a plate with scattered blueberries all around, as well as a plate ready for serving

What is Ricotta?

Ricotta is technically a cheese but it tends to be soft and light in texture. It dates back to being one of the world’s oldest cheeses. Ricotta packs quite a bit of protein as well as fat, along with Selenium and Calcium – both of which are essential Minerals. It can be used in either savoury or sweet recipes and adds an unexpected creaminess to its dishes. Whereas Ricotta tends to be a bit lower in lactose than some other dairy products if your gut does not process dairy well – this recipe is, sadly, likely not for you.

Blueberry Ricotta pancakes on a small plate with peaches and maple syrup being tugged into photographed from a three-quarter angle

Why are these Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes good for?


Are incredibly nutritious and contain a range of both Vitamins and essential Minerals. They are high in protein, which helps the body to repair, restore and build muscle mass. They also contain choline a nutrient that helps our body to build cell membranes. Last but not least, they raise good cholesterol, which has been linked to reducing both stroke risk and heart disease.

Buckwheat and Oats

Both of these options are naturally gluten-free and contain bulks of fibre, which helps the digestive tract to eliminate waste (apologies – but it is important 🙈🙉) and may help your body in absorbing nutrients better. They are also a combined powerhouse of Vitamins, Minerals and antioxidants protecting your body against free-radicals and thereby against cell-damage. Due to its lower glycemic index, they also help in stabilising your blood sugar levels.


I love, love, love me a bit of cinnamon! Cinnamon is amazing for lowering blood sugar levels. It is also high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the latter of which helps your body to fight infections and to repair itself. The cinnamaldehyde in cinnamon is also beneficial in helping your body fight off bacterial infections.


Last but not least – the star of these pancakes! Blueberries are high in Vitamin C, K and Manganese. They are considered one of the unsung heroes in terms of their antioxidant power. They can reduce DNA damage and thereby protect against both ageing and the potential development of cancer. Blueberries also protect the “bad” cholesterol in your body from oxidizing, making this another great food for protecting your heart.

Despite these health benefits – I think I need to stress one more time how delicious these blueberry ricotta pancakes are! 😻 They are light and fluffy in texture and the beauty of it is that they can be topped to your hearts’ content! I used blueberries, peaches and maple syrup in the pictures, but you can also add yoghurt, flaked almonds and / or this nut butter. Just to give you some ideas 😉.

I hope you enjoy this for your breakfast this weekend!! Feel free to tag me in your creations on Instagram under @life_and_lemons_foodblog and leave a comment below! 👇🏻 Due to this recipe containing dairy and eggs, there are no dietary adjustments available – this is purely vegetarian today.

Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes

Recipe by Ann
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Course: Breakfast, brunchCuisine: Gluten-freeDifficulty: Medium


Prep time


Cooking time



These blueberry ricotta pancakes are light, fluffy and delicious! They are gluten-free and refined-sugar-free and are the perfect weekend brunch.


  • Wet ingredients
  • 250 gr. Ricotta

  • 2 eggs

  • ΒΌ cup (60ml) maple syrup

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil

  • Dry ingredients
  • ΒΎ cup (90 gr) oats

  • 1/3 cup +2 tbsp (90 gr) buckwheat

  • 1 tsp cinnamon

  • 2 tsp vanilla, liquid

  • 1 Β½ tsp baking powder

  • Finishing ingredients
  • 1 cup (125gr) blueberries

  • A little bit of sparkling water or milk to loosen up the dough (optional)

  • Coconut oil or ghee for frying

How to

  • Put the wet ingredients into a food processor and quickly whisk up (you could also do this by hand if you do not have a food processor)
  • In a small blender, grind the oats and buckwheat into a flour. Add flour, cinnamon, vanilla and baking powder to the food pressor and whisk to combine
  • Wash the blueberries and add to the dough. Mix under by hand so that they do not break and you end up with purple dough…
  • Heat a pan over medium heat with a bit of coconut oil or ghee. Turn your oven onto fan setting at ca. 100 degree Celsius (ca. 200 Fahrenheit) – so that you can keep the pancakes warm whilst you are cooking off the rest. Add about 3 – 4 tbsp of batter to a pan for each pancake (my pan usually holds 3 pancakes in one go) and bake pancakes over medium heat until golden on both sides – ca. 4-5 minutes on the first side and 2 – 3 minutes on the second. You know when to flip when there are bubbles forming on the top of the pancake. Note: If the dough feels a bit β€˜stiff’ loosen it up with a splash of sparkling water or milk.
  • Serve with toppings to your hearts’ content! ENJOY!!
Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes eaten with maple syrup and peaches up close


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  2. These look delicious! I never realized the great benefits of blueberries.

    • Thanks Michelle. Blueberries are fantastic and they also taste delicious!! πŸ™‚ I hope you get a chance to make them. x

  3. Pchalek

    Hallo meine süße warum alles auf English ich brauche die tolle recepte auf deutsch l. G Aurelia

    • Ann Robejsek

      Du bist so eine Liebe πŸ™‚ Danke dir!! Google Translate ΓΌbersetzt die Rezepte eigentlich ganz gut. FΓΌhl dich gedrΓΌckt!

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