Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with bread and butter visible in the background; photographed from above

Garam Masala Omelette


The last time I was in London we went to a really cool, contemporary Indian-style-inspired food chain for breakfast. The dishes are primary from Bombay and are meant to inspire old Iranian coffee shops and the food you get served there. What can I say? I had an omelette and it was beyond delicious. So I knew I had to bring a version of this to the blog. The result? This Garam Masala Omelette.

Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with bread and butter visible in the background

I swear this dish is so easy to make but absolutely so, so full on flavor. The addition of Garam Masala truly makes or breaks this dish and takes it from your regular (still delicious omelette) to a next level. Throw in onion, tomatoes, pepper, and some cilantro and you also have an awesome veggie-profile on hand! I fried my omelette of traditionally in ghee but added some non-traditional cheese. Yum! This is your perfect next weekend brunch option.

Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with bread and butter visible in the background and a fork ready to tug in

I wanted these pictures to be super bright, vibrant, and colorful. This is how I imagine Bombay as a city is, and also these little cafes tugged away where people come together. I feel like I have achieved that goal that I set myself 😉.

Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with bread and butter visible in the background and cutlery lying in front

Why is this Garam Masala Omelette good for you?

Garam Masala

We usually cover vegetables in this space of the blog post, but why not focus on the spice in this instance instead? Garam Masala is a traditional Indian spice mix, which consists of a blend of a range of spices. Each family uses their own unique blend, which can slightly vary. The word “Masala” describes different spice flavor profiles and in Hindi largely means something like “ingredient”. “Garam”, on the other hand, describes more of a heat or flavorful note. This is not necessarily meant in a literal sense, but more in the Ayurvedic medicine sense. It shall heat up your body, and increase your digestive fire. As said above, the amounts can vary, but usually you find the following spices in a Garam Masala spice mix. Cardamom, pepper, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, coriander, chili, garlic, and lorel. The taste varies from sweet to spicy, depending on which amounts you add to the spice mix.

Bread and butter on a small wooden plate with one slice having butter on top

Do not underestimate the power of spices and their support in your overall quest for nutrient-dense foods. Cumin has been shown to increase digestive enzymes, and thereby increase that digestive fire of yours. Good quality spices contain a range of potent antioxidants. The most leading one is still cinnamon! So you will also be getting a really great boost of fighting of free radicals from this spice mix. Eating cardamom may – in very prelimenary studies – show some sign of reducing blood pressure. Whereas this data is not super strong, coriander is also supportive of lowering “bad” cholesterol levels. Both of these attributes are fantastic for your heart health. Last but not least, cardamom has been shown to reduce inflammation in our bodies, which again is a complete win-win and has a positive impact on all of our other functioning processes.

Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with a fork tugging into the omelette

How can I adjust this Garam Masala Omelette to my dietary requirements?

This recipe is nut-free, gluten-free, and vegetarian. Due to the eggs used, it is not vegan. You can make this recipe paleo by omitting the cheese.

Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with a fork ready to tuck in; photographed up close

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Two garam masala omelettes on a plate with a piece of bread and a fork tugging into the omelette

And there you have it for this week! I hope you enjoy this absolutely delicious, easy, but yet totally elevated and flavor-intensive Garam Masala Omelette. As always, please let me know what you think by either commenting below and/or rating the recipe. I love hearing from you. Happy omelette-making and enjoy 🥰.

Garam Masala Omelette

Recipe by Ann Robejsek
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This Garam Masala Omelette is so easy to make yet incredibly delicious, flavorful and takes your omelette-game to a whole new level! Enjoy!


  • 2 tsp ghee for frying

  • 1 white onion

  • 1 (red) pepper

  • 100 gr. cherry tomatoes

  • A large bunch of cilantro

  • 6 eggs

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • 1 tsp garam masala

  • A little bit of cheese to be extra fancy (optional)

How to

  • Start by peeling the onion and finely cutting. Add about 1 tsp of ghee to a large pan over medium to high heat. Once hot, add the onions and fry off until translucent with a pinch of salt. Meanwhile, wash and finely cut both the pepper and cherry tomatoes. Add along to the pan and continue to fry off. Once almost done, wash and chop the cilantro and along
  • Add the eggs to a bowl and whisk fluffy together with both the salt and garam masala
  • There are two ways to make this omelette: (1) Either add all the eggs to the pan and make one large omelette, or (2) use a smaller pan and fry off two separate omelettes by first adding half the eggs and fried veggies along with some cheese (optional)
  • Either way, omelettes need medium to low temperature and patience. Wait for them to slowly cook through that way they will hold together nicely and not break apart. Once the eggs are cooked through, serve with your (gluten-free) bread of choice and some butter and ENJOY!

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