Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles on a plate with ice cubes and one visibly being bitten into, photographed from above
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Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles


Before the fig season comes to an end completely, I wanted to delight with one more delicious recipe – these honey roasted fig popsicles.

Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles on a plate with ice cubes, photographed from above

It has been incredibly hot for a very long time and in a lot of parts of the world, it continues to be warm (come here you beautiful golden October 🍁) so they are the perfect “cooler” for this time of the year. These popsicles are not only super creamy (you would never believe that they do not contain an ounce of dairy) but also fairly easy to make.

Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles on a plate with ice cubes, photographed from above up close

You simply roast figs with honey in the oven. Then wait for them to cool before mixing them with cashews and non-dairy milk. You can sprinkle a little bit of salt in order to draw out all of the flavors or you could even use some vanilla powder, but they are technically also good as they are. Deliciousness at its best!

Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles on a plate with ice cubes, photographed from above up close

Why are these Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles good for you?


Since we are talking about a very limited number of ingredients and I have just raved about figs in this post about Easy Fig Jam, I wanted to shine a spotlight on cashews. If you have been with me for a while, you know that cashews are my go-to for creating creamy sauces, dips, and dressings as a dairy-free alternative. Cashews are high in fiber, healthy fat, and protein. If you have never come across a cashew before, they grow on cashew trees and come with a very sour (incredibly high in vitamin C) fruit. Whereas the cashew tree is native to Brazil, cashews are now grown in various places around the world where the climate is warm and tropical.

Figs in focus with honey roasted fig popsicles visible in the background

Cashews are high in copper, magnesium, manganese, zinc, iron, and selenium (amongst others). All of these are important micronutrients for our body. Magnesium, especially, has a calming effect on our nervous system and on our blood pressure, which, in turn, is beneficial for our heart health. In addition, cashews are also high in antioxidants. By now you have heard me go on about this so many times… but antioxidants are incredibly beneficial for our bodies as they counteract free radicals, and thereby eliminate oxidative stress in the body. Cashews are high in both the carotenoids and polyphenols antioxidant type. Altogether, not too bad for the mighty humble cashew and I trust a good reason to continue eating it!!

An ice cube in the centre of the picture

How can I adjust these Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles to my dietary requirements?

This recipe is vegetarian, gluten-free, and paleo. If you would like to make it vegan, simply swap the honey for another sweetener of your choice (e.g. maple syrup or agave). Due to the cashews used in this recipe, it is, sadly, not nut-free.

Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles on a plate with ice cubes, with one popsicle being bitten into

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One bitten into honey roasted fig popsicle in focus

And there you have it for this week 🥰. I hope you enjoy this late-summer (golden October) Honey Roasted Fig Popsicle. In fact, I am treating myself to one right now before they are gone completely 😉. As always, please let me know what you think by either commenting and/or rating the recipe below. Happy popsicle-making!!

Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles

Recipe by Ann Robejsek
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These Honey Roasted Fig Popsicles are a perfect late-summer or early fall treat. Delicious, easy to make, and simply figlicious!! Enjoy!


  • 500 gr. figs (ca. 6 large ones)

  • 2 tbsp honey

  • 1.5 cups (375 ml.) non-dairy milk

  • 1/4 cup (35 gr.) cashews

  • 1/2 tsp vanilla powder

  • Sprinkle of salt

How to

  • Preheat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius (350 Fahrenheit). Wash and cut the figs into halves or quarters. Add to a shallow, non-stick, baking dish and put on 2 tbsp of honey. Put into the oven and bake for 30 minutes, until the figs are soft and the juices are likely pouring all over the baking dish. Let cool before you continue
  • In a blender, combine the figs (including juices), non-dairy milk, cashews, vanilla powder, and salt. Do a quick taste test. You could also add another tablespoon of honey if you do not find it sweet enough (the sweetness becomes less when frozen, but it was enough sweetness for me). Blend on high until super creamy. The batter will be rather thick. Carefully pour into 10 prepared ice cream molds. Freeze the molds for 6 – 8 hours until solid. Enjoy as a late-summer early fall dessert or just because!

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