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The Benefits of a Decluttered Home


It is March and I clearly continue to be in “spring cleaning” mode 🤣. After having spoken about Toxins in Cleaning Products and Easy Cleaning Product Swaps, today I want to focus on the benefits of a decluttered home. Spring appears to be the time when we want to re-vamp our home. Where there is a need to clean up, tidy, and declutter. You may think this is simply your inner Monica (if you know… you know) coming out.

The Benefits of a Decluttered Home

In reality, though, a decluttered home has many benefits and advantages beyond simply looking pretty. Let’s dive in.

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Lowered Stress

This is definitely something I have experienced personally countless times. You know that drawer you open where you do not find anything because there is simply so much “stuff” in there? It is annoying to find anything and you always think about it and it continues to annoy you… Actually, those thoughts are not “just” in your head. In studies, women who reported their homes as cluttered had cortisol levels (cortisol is our built-in alarm system) that showed signs of stress and poor mental health as opposed to women who described their home as decluttered.

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Fewer Decisions

Have you ever woken up and tried to decide what it was you wanted to wear? Your closet is full but you changed your outfit at least three times because nothing appears to match/go together? When you have a decluttered home (including a decluttered wardrobe), you have fewer decisions to make, which usually also then equates to less stress. Reducing the amount of decisions you need to make is especially beneficial for people who suffer with ADHD, ADD, or anxiety, as it can be particularly overwhelming for an already anxious mind to try and make decisions.

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Less Time Spent Cleaning

Now isn’t this a win-win we all love to hear about?! Obviously, with fewer things and everything having its place, you also do not need to spend as much time cleaning. Dusting and cleaning countertops become, in particular, less daunting and should be a lot quicker.

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Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Yup – the next big benefit to not needing as much time to clean is that you are likely experiencing reduced symptoms of allergies and asthma. This is because there is simply less grime/dust/and dirt able to collect along your various possessions. So it is totally a win-win!!!

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Know Where You Need to Look

We spend a lot of time looking for things we have misplaced (or, in my case, I also spend a lot of time looking for things my husband misplaced 😝). On average, this equates to about 2.5 days per year. Also, oftentimes, when we do not find something, we simply move on to replace it. This is not great for our environment and not really sustainable, especially if we think long-term. Once your home is decluttered, it will be so much easier to see everything you have and have a place for things without needing to wildly search.

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Increased Productivity

A decluttered workspace, no matter where you are working from (and even if your workplace is a kitchen) helps to feel productive and creative. On the contrary, cluttered workspaces have been linked to procrastination. Help yourself to focus with a clean and efficient, decluttered workspace and your mind and productivity will thank you for it!

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Improved Sleep

Interestingly enough, studies show that people who have hoarding tendencies, tend to also have trouble sleeping. A tidy, clean bedroom with minimal “stuff” in it does wonders for your sleep and for deep, restorative rest. You can also learn more about this in my post “How to establish a good sleeping routine“.

Wow! Have you been inspired to de-clutter your home? I am!! Next week, I will give you my best tips and tricks to declutter. I hope you had as much fun reading this article as I had writing it 💕. Beautiful cover photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash.

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