An overview of What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

What’s In My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag


For the last few weeks, I have shared with you my nickel allergy journey. If you are interested, I first shared how I came to my diagnosis and how difficult it was to find answers in My Nickel Allergy Journey – Part 1. Last week, I shared what nickel is, why it can cause a reaction, and how to spot it in cosmetic product products. You can read about this in my Nickel Allergy Journey – Part 2. This week, I want to share with you what’s in my nickel-free make-up bag.

As said originally, I was shocked that all of my products contained nickel. I had already switched to cruelty-free, vegan, and so-called “natural” products. But all of them contain more traces than I can have with my nickel allergy. Buying make-up online (I have not found another place where you can buy it) without being able to try things first is hard. Each product can obviously react differently with your skin type. One product may look good on you but not the next person and vice versa. I read a lot of blogs to gauge a feeling for what products could work. If you are on a similar (necessary) journey hopefully this will help you 💕.

None of the products shown below are sponsored. I bought them all with my own money and I use them as part of my make-up routine. I have linked the products for your reference. Again none of these links are affiliates (meaning I do not receive a commission should you click on it). Also, for transparency, I am fairly light-skinned and am more on the dry-skin side.

What’s In My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag?

Face – BB Cream

Nickel-free BB Cream for What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

I am not a huge foundation person, so I settled on this BB cream in “Luminous”. The texture is a bit weird when trying to apply. It does not go on like foundation or cream, but rather “stiff” might be the right word (?!). I use a make-up sponge to apply it. It lasts all day, has slight coverage and that “stiff” or heavy feeling coming originally out of the tube is definitely not felt on the face where it feels light and airy.

Face – Concealer

Concealer and brow gel for What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

I was really worried about finding a good concealer because even the “natural” ones are a tough ship to navigate. I bought the Defence Color Luminizer (I believe it is in the color “Porzelan” – always the lightest choice for me) from BioNike on a whim and OMG this one is amazing!!! If you have ever used YSL concealer (IYKYK) – this one is similar but all natural!! Not cakey goes on easily and does not leave patchy eyes or get caught in fine lines (if you use a setting powder on top). I do find the BioNike website a bit tricky to navigate though.

Face – Face Tan Water

Nickel-free face tan water for What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

Not really something in my make-up bag, but I like to have a little bit more tan on my face. Unfortunately, most tanned skin cream, tanned anything products will contain nickel. This Eco by Sonya Face Water is the only thing I have found that does not!! I use it every second to third night before going to bed and provides a subtle glow to my skin.

Face – Blush and Highlighter

Nickel-free blush and highlighter for What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

I love the blush and highlighter from 100 Percent Pure!! They are fantastic and provide great coverage. Unfortunately, though, clumsy me let both of them fall and they do break easily. So be careful on that front. I have the Fruit Pigmented Gemmed Luminizer in “Pink Gold Taffeta” and the Fruit Pigmented Blush in “Peppermint Candy”. I also have this Defence Color Glam Touch in “102 Tulpe”. However, I have never been a super big fan of cream blush I find it tricky to apply the right amount. It does its job though, even if not my favorite.

Eyes – Eye Shadow

Nickel-free eyeshadow palette for What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

Again, this one is super tricky to navigate because ALL eyeshadows contain nickel. I bought the Fruit Pigment Pretty Naked Palette and as with all things 100 Percent Pure, it did not disappoint. Yes, it is pricey but it will last a really long time and the colors are lovely muted naturals. The eyeshadow also lasts pretty well and long once applied.

Eyes – Mascara

Nickel-free mascara for What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

I feared that this would be the hunt of a lifetime. M.y eyelashes are super weird and never do what they are meant. It always took me forever to find a new mascara (if I was looking). So I prepared myself to not be happy on this one or need to sink a lot of money before finding something that works. Just like with the concealer I was so surprised and happy on my first try! This Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Mascara lasts all day (minimal to no smudge, despite not being waterproof). An added bonus is that it comes off super easy in the evening (gentle rub with a soft wash cloth and water). I have recommended it to so many people who also have problems with their eyes and they are also in love!!

Eyes – Brows

I did not take individual pictures of the next two, but you can see them in the rest of the pictures. I am not a huge brow person so there is probably a lot more you could do in this department but this Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder does the job just fine for me. Think Benefit brow building – you are in that category of glorious 🥰.

Eyes – Eye Pencil/Liner

This eyeliner pencil is amazing, it lasts and goes on super easily. One of the most sold-out products in the 100 Percent Pure range. I use “Dark Cocoa” and you have to be on the lookout for when it is available.

Lips – Lipstick

Three different types of lipstick for What's in My Nickel-free Make-Up Bag

I love a good lipstick and bold color, so again this was not something I was not looking forward to navigating. But, again, the lipsticks from 100 Percent Pure are AMAZING!! I have the Fruit Pigment Cocoa Butter Matte Lipsticks. They are pricey, but you do not have to re-apply often. You can also easily add a bit of lip butter on top for a shine. They also do not dry your lips out. I have the colors “Currant”, “Marrakesh”, “Strawberry Cactus”, and “Protea” (not pictured). They are all beautiful and I receive so many compliments when wearing them.

And that is my excursion into what’s in my nickel-free make-up bag. As said, I know this process can be daunting. But once you find a brand you love and that works with your skin (for me, this was definitely 100 Percent Pure) it will become easier and you can “build up” your make-up bag again. A lot of the products I now use are better than anything I had prior 🤗. All the best for your journey 💚.

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