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Why I Became a Culinary Nutrition Expert


If you have been with me for a while, you know that I am a Culinary Nutrition Expert. You also know that I stand proudly behind this title. This program taught me, opened my eyes, and challenged me beyond measure. And today, I want to go into a bit more detail as to how it has benefited me.

Why I Became a Culinary Nutrition Expert

I was on the “hunt” for a program. Something that would teach me the ropes of nutrition and how to apply it in a really practical sense. I looked into studying again, but ultimately, decided that I could not take on that much responsibility for an extended period of time whilst also working simultaneously.

Without knowing anything about food blogging, I knew that I wanted to create a space online where people felt welcome irrespective of their dietary requirements or lifestyles and where the recipes are nutrient-dense, but above all, delicious (again, I could not even follow a recipe, let alone create one…). I wanted for the program to also broaden my horizon in these areas irrespective of the nutritional/food aspect.

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Why I thought This Program is For Me

I stumbled across the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program online. The course content looked awesome and it definitely hit that “sweet spot” of understanding nutrition better, learning how to create recipes, and being able to expand into food-related jobs if I wanted to. I decided to attend an information session and was hooked. I also thought the workload was do-able for the amount of time suggested (they say it is about 10 hours addition each week – it is probably more 15, but well invested).

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Whilst I was Doing the Program

I cannot describe to you how excited I was to start!! There is an element of online course training that you review every week, recipes, and written exercises. The weeks completely build on each other so that you slowly gain confidence in the kitchen before truly exhilarating. It also means that because it is building on each other so nicely, you will continue to feel challenged throughout the entirety of the program.

The really cool part is that you can have people in your family do this program along with you. You can watch and learn the content together. You can also cook together in the kitchen and eat the meals (all recipes that you make can then be consumed for your lunch and dinner – truly one of the best parts of the course 😉). My husband and I watched a lot of food-related documentaries, which taught both of us so much. There are principles and learnings that we have taken away and still apply today.

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What It Initially Taught Me

I am not going to lie – this program challenged me beyond measure. It was a quick but steep learning curve. As said above, I knew little to nothing 🤣. However, because you so deeply fall in love with it, you simply cannot imagine doing anything else (and you know time on the program is limited). The really obvious part is that you learn a lot and eat delicious food along the way. What you also learn is to build confidence – in yourself and in your cooking. You learn how to research and assess topics. You learn to apply this learning to yourself.

Why do I believe this is important (especially in today’s world)? I have spoken previously about my – partial – frustration with doctors, especially when my health was challenged. Western medicine takes a very narrow look at a problem and usually sticks a band-aid on top without looking at the overall or underlying causes. As you likely know, I believe that health is so much more than just this band-aid. It is a combination of stress management, sleep, movement, hydration, and nutrition (and indeed, Western medicine, if needed).

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And then I learned so much more…

But – and here is the big but – food is such an underlying current on all of this. Food can be medicine (and also poison). Not every food works for every health challenge but the fact that we can influence it so much and therefore also support our health is amazing!! I also genuinely believe that this approach – combining nutrition with medicine – especially during times of health challenges – is not explored enough yet. Most doctors understand very little about nutrition and the benefits it can have. However, it will become more and more prevalent in a world where health challenges are growing fast and furious. And I was able to take this matter into my own hands. How cool is that?

Case in point, I developed thyroid problems at the beginning of 2019 (right after graduating from the program). I went to the doctor, but any follow-up appointments had a three-month window and without any follow-up appointments, there is no medication prescribed. Meanwhile, my metabolism was getting slower and slower. I was so frustrated and actually felt quite sorry for myself. I vividly remember thinking: “Stop it – you are a Culinary Nutrition Expert. Take your learnings to the test”. So I researched thyroid conditions and what you can do from a holistic perspective. The result was a slight change in diet for me, along with a large profile of micronutrients I took. When I finally had the doctor’s appointment (about three months later), my blood work had resulted back to a normal range. My doctor did confirm that my thyroid is irregular and that I may have problems in the future, but three years on I am still managing perfectly fine on the micronutrient profile I created for myself 🙌🏻.

Tuscan-Style Bread and Tomato Salad (Panzanella) on a wooden board with tongs sticking out shot from a three-quarter angle

How I Have Grown Since

As you know, I created Life & Lemons. I did not know anything about website design, food photography, or how to set up a blog. The program taught me the confidence I needed to have in order to know that I could research the topics, connect with the right people, and set out to do this successfully. I still learn, grow, and continue to be taught so many small and big lessons and I would not want to have it any other way 🙏🏻.

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Why It Might Be Right For You?

Why could this program be for you? There are so many things that I have touched on that I feel that the program has truly taught me and it may be the same for you. From gaining confidence in the kitchen to creating delicious recipes. Learning to shoot food (honestly, mine were so bad in the beginning). Understanding food in combination with health and how we can influence and better ourselves. To, finally, have the confidence to venture out on your own on a project/endeavor you always wanted to undertake 🥰.

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My Offer To You

If you feel this program is for you, congratulations! You are embarking on the journey of a lifetime!! I have an Affiliate link with Academy of Culinary Nutrition. This means that if you sign up through any of the links in this post or on my website, I will receive a small commission fee (but you will not pay more).

If you do feel called to do this program and would like so sign up, my offer to you is to pay for your “school work”. There are three books that you will need to read as part of the program and I would happily reimburse you (through Paypal) or send you the books. This offer is also not geographically limited. Simply send me an email to, evidencing your sign-up and that you went through my website.

If you have any further questions or would like to know anything further, please do not hesitate to contact me on either on the above email address or in the comments below 🥰. I am looking forward to hearing from you 💞!! Beautiful photos of me by the wonderful Veronica Montesdeoca 😘.

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