5 Books that Changed My Health in 2022 on a table in front of a christmas tree
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5 Books that Changed My Health in 2022


I know the title of a post “5 Books that Changed My Health in 2022” may sound a bit sappy and perhaps you are thinking I am completely exaggerating, but hear me out.

Yes, I am a food and lifestyle blogger. But that does not mean that my life always goes perfectly well planned and is filled with food and drink that is completely nutritious. As I always say, it is very easy to be “healthy” when everything is on track. This year I dealt with my dear granny dying, our family having a life and death situation (that, very thankfully, turned out to be a “life” situation), and a massive injury to my knee.

And I am very much aware that I am not alone in this. We all have things we go through in life and – in fact – that is what makes up the ups and downs of life. However, there have been some brilliant books that have helped me massively and, I personally feel, propelled my life forward in a very substantial way. And today, I wanted to share these with you.

5 Books that Changed My Health in 2022 on a table in front of a christmas tree

Jessie Inchauspe – “The Glucose Goddess”

Ironically, this books is not visible in the pictures. I have passed it on to my sister after raving to her about it. The Glucose Goddess is life changing. It finally explains to you in very simple, easy language the everything about glucose. The best part? Unlike a lot of other health advocates, Jessie does not tell you to give up your favorite foods, but rather to eat strategically in order to avoid glucose spikes. Her hacks are easy, simple to implement, and LIFE CHANGING. I am not sure whether I mentioned that yet 🤣.

I do not feel hungry two hours after eating. My body can easily switch to glucose stores within the body when it has to go longer without food (she explains all of that in the book). Eating sweets is simply based on pleasure and there are no cravings any longer. As someone who has dealt with an eating disorder and food intolerances for most of her life, it has been the best gift to not think about food constantly any longer. I cannot recommend this book enough.

Happy Days book by Gabrielle Bernstein on a table

Gabrielle Bernstein – “Happy Days”

I am a huge fan of Gabby’s and have been for a very long time. Her latest book Happy Days hit the market in February and it is all about dealing and overcoming trauma. Whether you experienced big trauma or small trauma, we all hold on to trauma in our bodies. This book is a lot of work, reflection, and deep inner work. But it is so worth it. I am still working my way through it. I keep going back to certain passages and parts. There is so much gratitude for this book to help me along on this journey. This is on top of all the other amazing work she is doing and is available out there.

In the Flo book by Alisa Vitti on a table with Christmas lights in the background

Alisa Vitti – “In the Flo”

Yes, you interpreted the title correctly. Alissa breaks down the different times of the month for us. If you are thinking now: “How much is there to tell?”. Let me tell you: A LOT. From how we think differently to men, to how we can use unique powers during our different times in our cycles. She talks about the color of your menstrual cycle AND what it can mean (or not mean) and how to change it. Oh – and food. Did you know that different foods are beneficial to us during different times of the month? There is a lot of ground covered in this book. Having your cycle in sync with your wellbeing is truly transformative.

Just like with Jessie’s book, the minute you start to apply these tips and tricks you immediately notice a shift. I have to say that I was fascinated by how quickly our hormones adapt and almost say “thank you” for putting them back on track. I absolutely believe that this should be a must read for women of all ages. It is perfect finally understand us and our unique powers better and learn how to apply them.

Why Woo Woo Works book by David R. Hamilton on a table

Dr. David Hamilton – “Why Woo Woo Works”

I bought this book after listening to a podcast episode with Dr. David Hamilton and I absolutely loved it. It explains a lot of things that we may have known for years (for example, that meditating is good for us), but points out and explains the science behind it. Everything that you consider slightly “woo woo” and perhaps people would dismiss is covered. From our mind-body connection – turning what we are thinking into hard core facts, to the vagus nerve, and the amazing benefits kindness can offer. Plus much, much more. This book convinces anyone who previously did not believe in “woo woo”.

You, Happier by Daniel G. Amen

Dr. Daniel G. Amen – “You, Happier”

I have just started reading this book but I have a strong feeling that it needs to be on my list for this year. Dr. Amen has studied thousands of brains and thereby discovered seven different types of brains. His book teaches us which brain type I am (or you are), and seven neuroscience ways to become happier. As you may have seen from a lot of what I write about on the blog, I am fascinated by brain health as it is one of the key contributors to optimal and long-term health. I cannot wait to dive even further into this topic with this book.

And that is it. This is my list of books that definitely have influenced and changed me and my health in 2022. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it, and took some useful tips and tricks from it. Perhaps you found one or two books that peaked your interest. If so, I hope that they will be as transformative for you as they were for me.


  1. Ariel VerHaar

    Where do I read about the rest of your journey with your nickel allergy? Thank you

    • Ann Robejsek

      Hi Ariel,

      If you search on the website “Nickel” you will see all the articles popping up.
      I will also include a new tab where all of those posts can be found. Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

      Ann x

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