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Tips for Decluttering Your Home


So, last week we discussed the benefits of a decluttered home. I do trust that it would be a little bit unfair of me if I were to leave you hanging on that note without giving you some inspiration as to how to go about decluttering. You may be an absolute wizard in this field and your house is already decluttered anyways. Congratulations!! You may want to skip this post 😉. If you would like some tips for decluttering your home though, continue reading below…

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Tips for Decluttering Your Home

I think the biggest question that you need to ask yourself is: Where do I start? And this can be different for every person but do ask yourself this. Do you have a space that appears like a lot of clutter but could be tackled quickly? Is there a space that always collects clutter? Is there a space in your home that stresses you out when thinking about it?

In the beginning, it is all about the quick wins

See, in the beginning, you want to create momentum. You want to see some quick wins which will make you excited and then quickly let you continue on the journey of decluttering. Therefore, I would not choose something that feels super overwhelming or like a huge project to tackle. You can even go one drawer at a time. What I do recommend is finishing one room before starting on the next.

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Declutter one room at a time

So, there are many different styles of decluttering. You could literally do the entire thing in one day. You could become minimalistic and try and give away as much as possible. But most of the time, we do not realize how much we own and what. The chances though, that they are in a similar space are quite big, so tackling one room at a time also allows you to take stock of what you have and whether you have anything double (or triple).

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When you do move from room to room, try and start with the bedroom first. Why? Because it provides the most “bang for your buck”. Sleeping in a calm, resting, and restorative environment without any distractions allows for more rest during the night. Why shouldn’t you give yourself that benefit as soon as possible?

Bathrooms are also a great place to start. They typically do not hold too much sentimental value and therefore tend to be a bit easier approached in the decluttering journey without having too much thought put into it.

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Have an organization system

Whilst you are moving through your decluttering journey, have an organizational system in place. Not everything needs to be thrown away (responsibly and through the right means). There are clothes that may need a simple, small repair in order to be as good as new. Or things that, albeit they may serve you not any longer could find a great home somewhere else.

  • Have a “put away (to its original place)” basket – you know the one where you collect the coffee cups that you find next to the bed when they really belong in the kitchen…
  • Recycle basket – for things that can be recycled
  • A trash basket – for things that need to go into the trash
  • A “fix basket” (for that pair of clothing we talked about or the shoes that desperately need to be cleaned)
  • Donate – for all things that can be donated

No matter what room you move through these will very much help you on your decluttering journey. Only keep what you truly need. If the blow-up canoe you loved as a child by now has a hole and the rubber has worn after 30 years you will likely not take it to the water again, no matter how sentimental the memory and it may stop taking up space in your garage or basement.

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Find a place for everything

Once your place is decluttered, it is time to put it “back together”. Now, this does not mean that you simply throw the things that were previously in that cupboard in the same manner back in there. The chances of the place cluttering again are fairly high under those circumstances. Look for storage options that make sense for the space you are in. You can easily use Pinterest, for example as a guide. They have great storage/organizing tips for virtually all spaces and places.

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Tackle sentimental value items last

This is a tip I learned from Marie Kondo. Tackle anything of sentimental value last. This is because it will likely take the longest. If you have 100 birthday cards from people you no longer speak to… do you really still need them? I get this is difficult, and anything with sentimental value attached will make it difficult to get rid of. Your memory is not necessarily tied to that card though but the actual event and this cannot be taken from you.

I hope these tips have helped you on your decluttering journey! Have fun, enjoy the process, and experience the amazing benefits that come with that decluttered space 🙌🏻. Let me know how you get on and do leave further tips if you have them in the comments below 🥰.

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